spell out your kids

2009-11-12 22:34:03 by NipplesMaster


2009... A recession of hope

2009-02-14 19:23:14 by NipplesMaster

Obama....nothing more nothing less

Ladies & Gentleman Artist

2008-01-22 21:54:16 by NipplesMaster

Everyone that appears here, leave a comment on what should happen with the music that i make im sitting on remixes as we speak. let me know any specifics of what YOU would like remixed. Im willing to go crazy this time i think ive leveled it up just bit from last year and 2006. lets get the music on!

going going gone! and its out of here 2008 is here and we are making the world a better place with the music we make!


2007-07-28 16:12:31 by NipplesMaster

Nipples is ready to get series business and work my ass off to get as many if not more good songs out than i did last year!!!!